With more than fifteen years experience and our qualified staff, you're in good hands.
We have served thousands of customers over our 10+ years
and strive on great customer service.
Repairs, rebuilds and data recovery are made as painless and quick as possible.
We understand your data is so very important, and we'll do everything we can,
where possible, to recover it.

Our services include;

Hardware Services & Repairs

•   Computer and laptop hardware repairs and upgrades
•   Custom built machines
•   Broken/smashed screen replacement
•   LCD screen damage
•   Laptop DC power jack repairs
•   Overheating
•   Power supply faults
•   Computer/laptop making alarming noises
•   Fan problems
•   Disk drive faults
•   Keyboard damage
•   Damaged hinges
•   Motherboard problems
•   Replacement hard drives and cloning services

Software Services & Repairs

•   Data recovery and cloning
•   Laptops/PCs crashing or freezing
•   Virus removal and prevention
•   Windows not booting up
•   Slow running computers/laptops
•   Annoying banners/ads blocking screen
•   Windows installation, upgrades and maintenance
Custom built machines

We provide a build-to-order service for customers needing a bit more from their machines. They are bespoke built to meet the individual work or play requirements of the customer, be it high-end gaming machines or a laptop built for creatives to handle Adobe CS.

Our suppliers have the latest high-end hardware including processors and hard drives. Contact us for a quote, including your requirements and/or preferred spec.

Accessories & Store

We have a range of computing accessories and extras including earphones, Koji smart watches, mice, cables and chargers. Visit our store to see our full range.

Opening hours

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